UDS Enterprise VDI for healthcare at IDC FutureScape 2021

by | Mar 22, 2021

The healthcare industry is one of the most seriously affected by the pandemic. In this sector, which has been overwhelmed by the exponential increase in patients, business continuity is imperative to assist everyone with efficiency and agility. Aware of the importance of VDI technology to help them solve IT challenges, IDC Research Spain wanted to have the testimony of this sector in their event IDC Predictions FutureScape 2021. To do this, they invited one of our clients, Los Arcos del Mar Menor University General Hospital (HULAMM), to participate in their round table on the future of Cloud.

Gaspar Rico Falcó, Applications Analyst and Head of the HULAMM VDI project, announced the challenge they faced last year with the decree of home lockdown and the urgent adoption of remote working to deal with Covid-19. “Suddenly, a large part of the professionals had to give service from their homes with telephone attention, and the organization was not prepared for that,” he explained.

This hospital center was the only one in the entire Region of Murcia that already had a desktop virtualization infrastructure in place. They relied on UDS Enterprise for a long time as a work tool for all staff within the hospital. Doctors, nurses, orderlies… use this VDI solution to access all the programs and applications they need to work. Among other advantages, the IT team has highly simplified the management of its entire environment, centralizing and automating the installation, updating, and maintenance of software.

“Being the only one that had this technology, our biggest challenge was to serve the rest of the hospitals with the infrastructure we have here with UDS Enterprise. We managed to provide a good service, in fact, we are still providing it. Today we continue to serve virtual machines to the rest of the hospitals. We have a lot of applications from different vendors that we have to integrate into virtual desktops,” said Rico.

Despite the complexity involved in enabling remote working for hundreds of healthcare professionals with different profiles and belonging to various hospitals in the autonomous community, they have successfully carried out the project thanks to their desktop virtualization infrastructure with UDS Enterprise.

The scalability of the solution has been vital to face the unforeseen events caused by the pandemic. “Until now, we had four empty hospitalization units, and now we have had to start up three of them to receive Covid patients, and we are already setting up the fourth. The scalability and speed when setting up the system have been great,” said Rico.

The HULAMM VDI project with UDS Enterprise was finalist at the FutureScape Awards held within the framework of this event.

The importance of this initiative has also led it to gain a foothold among the candidates for the ASLAN Awards for Digital Transformation projects in Public Administrations.

For more information, see our Case Study.



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