UDS Enterprise VDI supports the latest version of Moodle

by | Jun 29, 2021

UDS Enterprise 3.0 is compatible with Moodle 3.11. The stable version of the connection broker makes it possible to make available to Moodle users access to virtual desktops, virtual applications and remote devices. The commitment of the UDS Enterprise team with the education sector is evident once again, with the announcement of the interoperability of a joint solution formed by UDS Enterprise 3.0 and the latest release of Moodle.

The integration of these two solutions is possible thanks to the Virtual PC Plugin, which is available for free at Moodle Marketplace. This development is the result of the collaboration between the University of Malaga and the UDS Enterprise team. It provides single sign-on connection and authentication between Moodle and UDS Enterprise.

Students only have to log in to the e-Learning platform to use the Windows or Linux resources managed and deployed by UDS Enterprise. The IT administrators of each educational center can manage and customize these resources in the UDS Enterprise dashboard in an agile, simple, centralized way and with high levels of automation.

They can make virtual desktops, virtual applications, or remote devices available to users within a Moodle course through the Virtual PC Plugin as one more didactic resource.

Virtual Cable, UDS Enterprise developer company, strives to ensure the compatibility of its solution with each new version of Moodle. Both organizations share the mission of helping educators improve access to education through an efficient platform for teaching, learning, and collaborating online.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use this free and Open Source service to study online anytime, anywhere. In addition, two-thirds of universities and many organizations on five continents enjoy the benefits of using the most widespread LMS platform daily.

UDS Enterprise is available to all these users. It is the first software that allows access to virtual desktops, virtual applications, and remote devices through Moodle. The combination of UDS Enterprise and Moodle allows guaranteeing universal access to all the programs and applications that students need with the highest performance, including licensed software and equipment with specific hardware features. All this without limitations of time, connection place, or access device.

If you want to see first-hand how the integration of these two solutions works, request access to our Moodle online demo.

For more information, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]

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