UDS supports Wake on LAN to turn on computers remotely

by | May 7, 2021

UDS Enterprise is already capable of starting physical devices remotely automatically, regardless their operating system. The popular connection broker integrates a new development that allows sending Wake on LAN (WoL) to the computers. When a user requests access to a machine, the system sends the order. It executes the appropriate processes to start it without human intervention or the need for third-party software.

It is essential to have the latest version of UDS Enterprise installed (3.0) to enjoy this new functionality. Likewise, it is necessary to have at least one WoL server and make sure that the PCs to be turned on remotely and the elements on the network support this technology.

The next release of UDS Enterprise will incorporate this feature natively. Until then, a patch will have to be applied to the UDS servers to enable a new section within the Static IP Machines Provider service provider, where the connection data with the WoL server will be introduced.

This comprehensive document explains how to download the patch and details the configurations to be made both in UDS Enterprise and in the WoL servers to enable this new option.

This development has been widely demanded by our community of customers and partners, given the significant number of organizations today using UDS Enterprise to provide remote access to devices located in offices and educational centers. In the Case Studies section of our website you will find some examples.

Thanks to the efficient response of the UDS Enterprise technical team, it will no longer be necessary to have the machines turned on 24 hours a day. Cost savings will be obtained in energy and hardware. The useful life of the terminals will be extended by being switched on for a shorter time. Additionally, it fixes the problem that existed when a machine shut down unexpectedly and was disabled for remote access. Now, 24×7 access to all the organization’s computers can be guaranteed.

Next week we will publish another article on our blog offering some configuration tips and use cases for this new feature.

To answer questions about this functionality or any other aspect of the UDS Enterprise VDI broker, you can contact our team at [email protected]



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