VDI and vApp in the latest version of Moodle with UDS Enterprise

by | May 28, 2019

Moodle is the first e-Learning platform that allows assigning and accessing Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications as if they were a didactic resource. This pioneering functionality has been developed thanks to the versatility of the UDS Enterprise connection broker, the software that provides access to VDI and vApp through the most used Open Source online learning platform in the world.

The union of both solutions is carried out through the UDS Enterprise Virtual PC Plugin, which is compatible with the latest versions of Moodle, including the recently released Moodle 3.7. Users who use previous versions can also enjoy the advantages of this development, since it can be used from version 2.8 of Moodle onwards.

This integration provides great flexibility to teaching, combining all the necessary learning resources and the advantages of desktop and application virtualization in a single platform accessible 24 hours a day, from any place and through any device.

For example, in a course in which students use Photoshop or AutoCAD, these programs can be delivered through virtual desktops or applications accessible from the course published in Moodle. These desktops and applications are managed by UDS Enterprise, but the tasks performed by the connection broker are completely transparent for students and teachers.

In both cases you only have to access Moodle with your username and password. There, teachers can assign virtual services to the corresponding courses. In the case of students, when they access the course they will see the virtual desktops and applications previously assigned by the teachers in their list of available didactic resources.

The IT team of the educational center will be in charge of administering, configuring and managing the VDI and vApp available for both teachers and students. All these tasks can be performed quickly and easily from the user-friendly administration dashboard of UDS Enterprise.

The UDS Enterprise Virtual PC Plugin has been developed by one of the clients who have been trusting UDS Enterprise for their desktop virtualization infrastructure for years: the University of Málaga. The final outcome is the result of a close collaboration with the UDS Enterprise team.

This Plugin was launched in 2017 and since then is available for download on the official Moodle website. The UDS Enterprise team has published a comprehensive guide to help IT administrators install and configure this Plugin. In this manual, teachers can also learn how to publish Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications through Moodle.

If you want to test the advantages of integrating UDS Enterprise with Moodle, request free access to UDS Moodle Online Demo.



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