VDI project guidelines

by | May 2, 2017

One of the fundamental goals of IT departments is that the administration of the environment of the user's workstation is as simple as possible without detriment to security and control.

This can be achieved easily and successfully with UDS Enterprise. The implementation of UDS Enterprise ensures greater availability and agility in the user-centric environment, which is impossible to overcome by traditional PC platforms, and significantly reduces the acquisition cost of such an environment and optimizes the operating costs of the platform.

UDS Enterprise helps end users with a platform that enables them to increase productivity and performance levels, allowing virtual desktops to be securely accessed from different devices and locations, and providing the IT department with the tools they need to manage and control the Platform in an efficient way.

A successful migration from a VDI platform to UDS Enterprise must pass successfully these three phases:

PHASE 1: Analyze the current situation that you have in:

-Define business needs

-Needs of end users. The cultural change

-Analyze the existing environment

PHASE 2: Conduct a pilot consisting of:

-Technical Considerations

-Business Considerations

-Pilot optimization

PHASE 3: Putting into production

-Putting into production

-Implementation of the new platform

Read our complete White Paper in this link.



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