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by | Apr 20, 2023

Connectivity is vital for digital work, but the security of systems and data is critical due to cyber threats. In Spain, 94% of companies have experienced cybersecurity incidents, underscoring the importance of appropriate security measures.

Ensuring Maximum Security with UDS Enterprise

To deal with this growing problem, Virtual Cable has chosen to guarantee the maximum security in its solution for desktop virtualization, application virtualization and remote access to devices. With UDS Enterprise, companies do not have to worry about the location from which employees connect, the WiFi network they use, the device with which they access, or the lack of awareness and training.

Comprehensive and Robust Protection with UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise is designed to offer comprehensive and robust protection in digital workplace environments. IT departments do not need to implement extra components or third-party software to have the entire IT infrastructure under control. In addition, it does not impact their budgets, since the security mechanisms do not imply an additional cost. The solution provides a large part of the necessary security through UDS Secure Tunnel, which guarantees that all the data transmitted in the connections is not compromised.

Other developments unique to Virtual Cable are added to this mechanism, such as an innovative double validation system, applicable to the login screen and access to remote desktops, applications, or computers. Another example is the Trusted Host for Admins system, which ensures that administrators are always 100% trustworthy, limiting the IPs, networks, or subnets that can manage the control panel.

New Security Features in UDS Enterprise 3.6

When developing the next version of the solution, UDS Enterprise 3.6 whose stable version will be released before summer, special attention has been paid to improving the intrinsic protection capabilities of the solution, incorporating important security innovations. Enhancements include native two-factor and multi-factor authentication, integration of third-party MFA solutions such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator, and innovative Zero Trust settings. Additionally, a mechanism has been created that encrypts and secures the information in the configurations of the UDS components that are carried out via HTTP, forcing security under any circumstance.

All these necessary security functionalities to guarantee the protection of data and systems are included in the UDS Enterprise subscriptions. The flexibility of the software also makes it possible to establish own policies of each organization and incorporate third-party tools, such as antivirus, cloud, or backup protection systems. Furthermore, the solution allows compliance with the highest security standards.

“With UDS Enterprise, customers can be sure that their sensitive information, computer systems, communications, and user data are shielded and secure at all times. So much so that 99.03% of our customers do not apply extra security measures“, says Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable.

Experiences of Different Organizations with UDS Enterprise

The experience of different organizations and companies demonstrates the importance of having solid security solutions in today’s digital environment. The team at Peel Regional Police from Canada highlights “UDS Enterprise’s ability to avoid malware infection in its systems”. For its part, the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies assures that “security breaches caused by human errors are no longer a problem thanks to this solution.” The technicians of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, comment on how their VDI infrastructure with Virtual Cable software has helped them “to comply with the National Security Scheme“. Finally, from Fagor Industrial explain that they opted for UDS Enterprise “because of its ability to provide secure access from any device”.

You can request a free trial version to test the security features of UDS Enterprise here.



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