VDI with UDS and Raspberry Pi 4: new custom image

by | Sep 25, 2019

Last June the latest Raspberry Pi model went on sale and, after learning about the launch, the UDS Enterprise development team started to work to ensure the compatibility of our VDI and vApp connection broker with this new version.

In order to guarantee the seamless integration of both solutions, we have released a new custom image of UDS for Raspberry Pi 4 based on Raspbian, the official operating system of Raspberry Pi.

This image drastically simplifies VDI and vApp deployments with UDS and Raspberry Pi. By simply installing it on your device, you can start running Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. It is not necessary to install any additional software, since it incorporates version 2.2.1 of UDS Plugin, FreeRDP version 2 connection protocol and X2Go protocol client.

As with any device including a current web browser, you can also access virtual desktops and applications through HTML5. It should be noted that the union of the latest version of both solutions provides an excellent audio and video experience, thanks to the greater power of Raspberry Pi 4 and the improvements incorporated in the UDS Tunneler.

We remind you that UDS Enterprise is also compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 and the new image also works perfectly with this version.

The development of this new image responds to a request made by users that have desktop and application virtualization platforms in production with UDS and Raspberry Pi. It reaffirms our commitment to keep an open roadmap, based on the requests of our community, as well as to provide compatibility with the latest versions of leading and current technologies.

This device is one of many low-cost connection clients that can be used with UDS to cut hardware investment in VDI deployments. Our connection broker is also fully compatible with Chromebook laptops and with lots of Zero and Thin Clients.



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