VirtualCable relies on OpenGnsys to provide access to remote PCs

by | Feb 14, 2019

VirtualCable, the Company behind UDS Enterprise, a VDI and vApp connection broker, has announced through its website the compatibility of its software with OpenGnsys to provide authenticated access to remote PCs, as indicated in the University of Sevilla’s Communication Portal.

The union of these two solutions allows enabling remote access to physical computers from anywhere and using any device during the hours set by an administrator.

This integration is part of the Remote PC project, led by the University of Sevilla with the collaboration of the UDS Enterprise team. This development was designed to make the most of the computers located in the computer rooms of the university centers. Thanks to this initiative, they can be used remotely during non-school hours, once the universities close their doors.

In addition to any educational center, the advantages of this project can be also useful for any company wishing to extend the use of their computers beyond their opening hours or even to allow teleworking using the company’s computing resources remotely.

The extensive possibilities and benefits provided by the joint solution made up by UDS Enterprise and OpenGnsys have led VirtualCable to bet on it, including it on the UDS Enterprise website as one of the outstanding solutions for which the connection broker for Windows and Linux desktop and application virtualization can be used.

UDS Enterprise and OpenGnsys not only allow remote access to computers but also provide a comprehensive PCs optimization, since the administrators of the platform can define the most convenient access times in each moment, program the automatic turning on and off of the computers when the user requests access and closes session, use virtual-physical hybrid environments, optimize licenses …

For further information, you can get in touch with our team at [email protected]

All the details about OpenGnsys are available at the project’s website .



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