Wake on LAN with UDS Enterprise: Advanced settings

by | May 10, 2021

In the last article published on our blog we announced the incorporation of support for Wake on LAN technology (WoL) to turn on physical devices remotely with UDS Enterprise. This post will indicate the main possibilities offered by this new feature thanks to its combination with other intrinsic functionalities of the connection broker for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access to computers.

Among the multiple configuration options, we highlight the following for their greater utility:

  1. Limit hours of remote access and power on of the devices. The advanced calendar system of UDS Enterprise allows you to configure the platform so that the computers established for remote access can only be used during certain hours. The infrastructure administrator can, for example, restrict access at night. Another widely used option is to set the organization’s office hours only to use remote computers during that time slot. The equipment can only be started during that limited period, ensuring saving energy costs.

  2. Release computers when users log out. As we already explained in this article on our blog, UDS Enterprise is able to detect when a user starts and finishes using a device. This capability facilitates the option of configuring the system, so that machines are released the moment a user logs out, so that they can automatically be used by someone else. We remember that for this, the new Unmanaged UDS Actor must be installed and the section Service Token configured.

  3. Always assign a machine to the same user. If we need a user to access remotely and always turn on the same computer, we have not to indicate a Service Token.

  4. Enable Terminal Server sessions. As long as the device supports it, it is possible to configure UDS Enterprise to allow several users to connect to the same computer remotely. Each user will start a new session, and the first to access will be the one to power on the device when making the access request.

One of the essential advantages of the WoL integration is the energy savings obtained by not having to keep devices on for 24 hours so that users can access remotely. With WoL support, the most significant difficulty is solved: starting the machines remotely.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, it’s advisable to ensure that the device is switched off once the user has finished using it. The user himself can turn off the device remotely, just as he would if he were sitting at his workstation in the office. But suppose we do not want to leave it in the hands of employees or students. In that case, remember that it is possible to configure the computers at the operating system level so that when a user logs off, the device automatically turns off.

For more information about remote access to computers with UDS Enterprise, you can have a look at the following links:

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