Webinar recording: Hybrid Education with UDS Enterprise & Azure

by | Dec 10, 2020

The health situation has accelerated the technological transformation of educational organizations. This sector is immersed in a period of innovation that requires adapting hybrid and digital models that allow to continue learning from any location and using any device. Likewise, teachers, administrative and service staff should have the necessary tools to work remotely whenever necessary.

To guide the IT managers of these organizations to adopt a strategy that solves these challenges in the most efficient way, the UDS Enterprise and Azure Education teams organized last October an interesting webinar in Spanish. Under the title "Solve the challenges of hybrid Education with Microsoft Azure and UDS Enterprise", specialists from both companies revealed how the cloud VDI is the ideal solution for these scenarios.

“Nowadays it is key to guarantee access to educational resources from anywhere. UDS Enterprise provides the freedom to choose the formula that best suits the needs of each educational center: through on premise, cloud virtual desktops, or by enabling remote access to the devices located in the IT classrooms or laboratories,” explained Yolanda González, Sales Manager at Virtual Cable, the company behind UDS Enterprise.

González highlighted the boom in VDI deployments in the cloud with UDS Enterprise, motivated in many cases by the cost savings that payment per use implies and the flexibility provided by the possibility of scaling the infrastructure and its capacities according to the needs of each specific moment.

Aware of the advantages of this type of platforms, the UDS Enterprise team has incorporated a new functionality to the software that makes it possible, among other things, to manage specific workloads by combining on-premise and cloud infrastructures in a highly efficient way . “The Meta Pools allow establishing that, once the on-premise resources are finished, the system begins to automatically assign services hosted on a cloud platform,” stated the Commercial Manager.

This new feature of UDS Enterprise makes it easier for customers who decide to start working with a cloud environment to opt for a hybrid platform. “In this way they can get the best benefits from the public cloud while continuing to leverage the investments they have already made in on-premise environments,” said Diego Martínez, Education Azure Specialist.
Regarding the collaboration of both companies, Martínez pointed out that Microsoft has “consolidated the alliance with UDS Enterprise, which is certified as an application compatible with Microsoft Azure. On the one hand, we have the necessary infrastructure provided by a public cloud with Microsoft Azure and, on the other hand, we have the support of a first-level application such as UDS Enterprise, which is available in our Azure Marketplace. This means that it is possible to quickly deploy this broker within an Azure service with a template already preconfigured, validated and supported by both companies,” commented Martínez.

On-demand scalability is one of the strengths of the UDS Enterprise + Microsoft Azure joint solution. “One can configure virtual machines of different types to meet the needs of different user profiles with the hardware, storage requirements… optimized for each one of them. These virtual machine resources are provided by Azure and UDS Enterprise is responsible for all the management, automation and deployment of virtual desktops, providing significant value to the end user.

Martínez also recalled that thanks to the versatile nature of both solutions, there is the possibility of using UDS Enterprise with the VMware virtualization platform hosted in Azure.

The online session ended with an interesting technical demo made by Javier González. The Technical Director of UDS Enterprise showed how to perform a deployment of virtual desktops with UDS Enterprise in an Azure environment and the multiple configuration possibilities offered by the VDI broker.

The full webinar is available on the UDS Enterprise YouTube channel:

The UDS Enterprise team has wide experience in the implementation of heterogeneous VDI environments with tens of thousands of users with different profiles, as is the case of university centers. The details of some of these IT projects in the education sector, as well as public and private organizations of varied nature can be consulted in the Case Studies on our website.

UDS Enterprise developers have been working closely with universities for years to provide the software with functionalities that help them simplify the management of their IT scenarios. This is the case of the integration with Moodle and .

For more information, you can contact the VDI broker team at [email protected]



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