Deploy VDI on ESXi-Arm with UDS Enterprise

by | Oct 15, 2020

The software for desktop, application virtualization and remote access to physical devices UDS Enterprise supports ESXi-Arm Fling. The compatibility of this connection broker with the new hypervisor provides greater freedom to administrators of VDI platforms with UDS Enterprise. This broadens the number of options when deploying Windows and Linux virtual desktops on 64-bit ARM architectures, offering the possibility of using VMware technology.

The great flexibility of UDS Enterprise and its Open Source base make it a software compatible with virtually any third-party technology, including the most popular virtualization platforms on the market. Hence, ESXi-Arm support is one more possibility if you want to build a desktop virtualization infrastructure on a 64-bit ARM architecture. With UDS Enterprise you can consider other alternatives, which in fact already existed for some time, such as KVM or Hyper-V. In this way, those responsible for a VDI project can assess all the options and choose the one that best suits their requirements and needs.

The announcement of ESXi-Arm has been well received by the community, as it enables this hypervisor to run on servers and computers with low-power processors. Platforms specifically mentioned by VMWare as compatible include Raspberry Pi 4, eMAG-based Ampere servers and, among others, LayerScape-based Edge NXP and IoT platforms. Once installed, there is the option to manage it with vCenter Server 7.0 or higher.

Among the possible applications of this hypervisor, it could be ideal for edge environments, remote locations or secondary data centers that do not require as powerful compute capacity as the production environments.

In all cases and with all supported platforms, it can be used together with UDS Enterprise to deploy and manage VDI environments. Note that this connection broker also supports other VMware technologies, such as vSphere or VMware Cloud Director and it is available in the new VMware Marketplace.



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