How to virtualize desktops using UDS broker?

by | Apr 11, 2017

This publication is a video tutorial, explained by JMG Virtual Consulting, on how to virtualize desktops with the broker UDS Enterprise VDI, developed by Virtual Cable S.L.U, in order to reduce costs.

The tutorial details the integration of the UDS Enterprise connection broker, which can be integrated with any hypervisor of the market, with the OpenStack hypervisor. From installation to configuration, in this video JMG Virtual Consulting details each of the steps that must be followed in order to have a 100% functional UDS environment.

After installing the UDS Enterprise appliances, you can simply access the broker through any web browser and begin to configure and deploy services and virtual desktops.

During the creation of a virtual service, you must configure a service provider, authenticator, connectivity transport, an OS Manager, and finally merge these components into a service pool and launch the deployment of the services.

This video explains the whole process in a detailed and simple way.



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