remotePC project for remote access with UDS: Improvements

by | May 19, 2021

The OpenGnsys team has announced the release of a new maintenance version that incorporates interesting improvements in remotePC, the project that allows remote access to physical devices thanks to the interoperability of OpenGnsys with UDS Enterprise.

One of the new features is the possibility to enable the Maintenance mode . This important functionality arises as a response to one of the difficulties derived from blended teaching . This modality has been widely extended to comply with the health requirements due to the pandemic. Students attend classes in person and from home simultaneously, so there was a problem when it came to establishing which computers could be physically used in classrooms and which were available for remote access. The same problem was repeated when the IT team had to perform maintenance on the machines.

Until now, if the computers were configured in UDS Enterprise for remote access, it was necessary to enter the administration of this software to remove them from the cache manually. As of this new version OpenGnsys 1.2.0, it is possible to configure them directly in Maintenance Mode to ensure that they cannot be used for remote access.

Another interesting improvement is the option to choose the computer you want to power on. A new path has been created in the OpenGnsys REST API to turn on a specific computer and log in to the operating system corresponding to a restored image. Until now, it was impossible to choose which exact device was going to boot up. The system randomly chose one among those who had an image installed. Depending on the configuration applied to the UDS Enterprise service pool, the only thing that could be set was whether it belonged to a specific classroom or any of the available ones.

In addition to these new features, certain aspects whose need for improvement had been notified by the community have been fixed. When upgrading to OpenGnsys 1.2.0:

  • The classrooms with groups of computers can now be configured.

  • Wake on LAN technology will work smoothly.

  • Users will not be dislodged from the system in any case.

The remotePC project is in a boom time. Many organizations are taking advantage of its benefits since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis so that students or employees can use the devices located in classrooms or offices from their homes. Thus, they can study remotely or work from anywhere in the same way as if they were physically in educational facilities or the workplace since they use the same computers and access the same programs and applications.

This initiative not only enables remote access. It also allows to program the switching on and off of the machines, define specific schedules for remote access, establish usage policies … so that, in addition to optimizing the use of the devices and the licenses installed, you get significant energy savings.

Many organizations have been using UDS Enterprise together with OpenGnsys for some time to get the most out of all the benefits of the union of these two solutions. Here are some Case Studies:



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