UDS Enterprise 3.0: new Look & Feel

by | Jun 1, 2020

The UDS Enterprise connection broker has been completely revamped. The new version of this desktop and application virtualization software features a new Look & Feel. The Frontend has been comprehensively redesigned to improve the usability of users and administrators. To do this, it has opted for a much more current and simple image, which provides a more intuitive use of the platform.

The change can be seen as soon as you access the UDS Enterprise 3.0 login window:

As you can see below, the user services page also has a new design. The grouping of services is now shown in vertical blocks, improving the visualization of the different tools that are made available to users:


The administration dashboard follows the same design line:


Important changes and new elements have been incorporated to facilitate the creation, modification and maintenance of the different components and services created in the environment.

Among them, the creation of new submenus stands out, to improve accessibility to the different sections of certain sections. This is the case of “Connectivity”, the content of which has been divided into two different sections: “Transports” and “Networks”.


The content of “Pools” has also been divided into different sections: “Service Pools”, “Meta Pools”, “Groups”, “Calendars ”And“ Accounts ”:


A very useful novelty is the introduction of shortcuts, which facilitate the configuration of the different elements that are related to each other. For example, when clicking on the right mouse button in “Service Pool”, direct accesses appear to different sections of the administration:


Also, worth noting are the new information windows, which expand the data of certain elements. As seen in the following screenshot, in a “Pool” two new windows appear: “Use” and “Visible”. The first allows checking the percentage of use being made of a Pool. In this way, the administrator can identify at a glance if he has free space to add more users. The second, which has also been added in “Transports” and “Authenticators”, offers the possibility of showing or hiding the Pool, Transport or Authenticator to users:


These are just some of the changes at the image and usability level that the new version of UDS Enterprise includes, which is currently in beta phase. The development team has also done a complete redesign of the Backend of the solution.

Among many other enhancements, as we revealed week, UDS Enterprise 3.0 supports Proxmox and Hyper-V clusters.

In future articles we will continue describing the multiple improvements incorporated into this popular VDI and vApp software.



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