UDS Enterprise supports any connection protocol

by | Sep 25, 2015

UDS Enterprise enables the deployment of virtual & remote desktops, applications and other Windows and Linux services.

The connection to these services may be performed using a wide range of connection protocols; this multiplatform connection broker offers nearly unlimited possibilities in that respect.

UDS Enterprise supports currently RDP, XRDP, RemoteFX, RGS, NX, HTML5 and the 1.9 software version features SPICE support

UDS Enterprise is an Open Source based software and therefore it may be easily tailored to the user’s needs. For example, new connection protocols can be easily incorporated; both Open Source and licensed.

Besides, the product roadmap is based on community requests, so the incorporation of new connection protocols is carried out according to the users’ interests.

UDS Enterprise next releases may feature x2go support. It is a NX3 based protocol which incorporates significant improvements, such as better sound support via Pulseaudio and a beller SSH integration (includes SSH proxy support).



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