Webinar recording: graphics intensive VDI with UDS and PCoIP

by | Mar 30, 2020

Remote work was gradually being installed in our lives; some companies were progressively implementing it. But the current health crisis is accelerating this process and is leading companies to look for a solution that helps their employees to continue working from home as fast as possible to keep the production cycle alive at the lower cost that this situation allows. Desktop and application virtualization is an essential technology to provide a fast, efficient and secure solution.

When designing the infrastructure that will make remote working viable, it is convenient to analyze the needs of each group of users, so that all of them can carry out their tasks seamlessly. Workstations using graphics-intensive applications require a special mention, since if the right components are not used, it will be impossible to provide a good user experience. Choosing an appropriate connection protocol is essential to provide the best performance at both image and audio level.

Just last week we organized a webinar with our technological alliance Teradici to meet these needs. In this online session, the products that deliver a remote working solution with optimum image and audio quality were unveiled.

Yolanda González, Commercial Manager of Virtual Cable, the company behind DS Enterprise, gave a complete presentation of this connection broker for desktop and application virtualization. Andrew Waite Brown, Regional Director for EMEA at Teradici elaborated on the characteristics of the PCoIP connection protocol and the added value of its integration with UDS Enterprise. Víctor Alonso, technician specialized in VDI and UDS Enterprise, conducted an interesting technical demo to show how both solutions are integrated, the advanced configuration possibilities offered by the VDI broker and the user experience of the joint solution. The recording of this webinar is available on the UDS Enterprise YouTube channel:

As you can see in this video, Cloud Access Software (PCoIP) and UDS Enterprise provide a robust and easy-to-use VDI and vApp solution that meets the most demanding visualization and sound requirements. It adapts to any scenario, as it is compatible with any device, with Windows and Linux environments and can be deployed on-premise or in public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition, it meets the most stringent security requirements. It is perfect for sectors such as audiovisual, military, engineers, designers, photographers, professionals who handle and visualize large volumes of data… and any employee working with using graphics-intensive content.

The UDS Enterprise team invites all users to try this graphics-intensive VDI and vApp solution requesting access to their online demo platform.

VirtualCable and Teradici are making a joint effort to overcome one of the the main barrier to VDI adoption for workstations: costs. Customers contracting both solutions will be able to enjoy up to 50% discount on Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses.

For more information on this VDI and vApp solution with UDS Enterprise and PCoIP you can contact our team at [email protected]



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