White Paper: UDS Enterprise and Praim for Education

by | Jun 11, 2021

In recent times, educational centers have had to evolve from a technological point of view to adapt to the new needs. With the pandemic, mobility and distance learning have become the only way out to continue with training programs. These trends are here to stay, and now new challenges are added, such as managing a high number of personal devices.

In addition, eLearning has skyrocketed the number of students and the teaching offer. Therefore, IT infrastructures' flexibility and scalability are indispensable requirements for schools, universities, institutes, and other educational centers.

IT solutions for this sector must focus on supplying a high number of workstations, which are homogeneous and customizable, capable of providing each group of students with the specific software tools they need.

At the same time, they have to make possible the automation of the devices’ management in all classrooms and laboratories. Updates, support, security, and, eventually, all installation and maintenance tasks must be performed centrally.

Praim and Virtual Cable (the company behind UDS Enterprise) have come together to help the Education sector to solve these challenges in a highly efficient and safe way. They have created a turnkey solution that allows to manage virtual resources on demand and automatically, and access them with total security from any device.

With this joint solution, presented last week at ASLAN 2021 Conference, educational organizations can combine desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to computers located in educational centers. In this way, they can build a personalized platform, both technically and economically. The key is to be able to serve each group of users all the computing resources they need in the most efficient way possible, guaranteeing the best performance.

The UDS Enterprise VDI, vApp, and remote access broker and Praim endpoint and device management tools have become essential solutions for educational institutions.

The Praim and UDS Enterprise teams have authored a comprehensive and interesting White Paper in which they offer their expert insight into the IT needs of the education sector. They also make recommendations and analyze best practices to help educational organizations achieve maximum agility, efficiency, and security in the management of their IT infrastructures.

The White Paper is available to download from the Praim website: Virtualization and endpoints management to support the Education sector.



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