Webinar: graphics-intensive VDI for your remote workforce

by | Mar 19, 2020

Organizations around the world are facing the challenge of implementing a remote working system that allows their employees to carry out their tasks efficiently from home. The current health situation requires agile decision making so that the productivity of companies is not affected. In this scenario, choosing the most appropriate technology is essential to ensure security and business continuity. Desktop and application virtualization is a key technology to provide a fast and efficient solution.

In addition to the technological solution itself, it is crucial to take into account the requirements of each job. Professionals in the audiovisual sector, engineers, designers, photographers... and in short any worker using graphics-intensive applications needs specific software to keep on working from home seamlessly.

VirtualCable and Teradici have teamed up to deliver the best solution, providing customers with cost-effective graphics-intensive virtual desktops and applications.

Next Wednesday March 25 at 16:00 CET they have scheduled an interesting webinar to explain the joint solution. Experts from the two companies will give details on the best practices for implementing a remote working solution with top image and audio quality. They will show how Teradici Cloud Access Software and VirtualCable UDS Enterprise deliver a simple and secure VDI and vApp solution that meets the most demanding display and sound requirements.

Together, Cloud Access Software and UDS Enterprise offer great flexibility. This solution supports Windows and Linux environments and can be deployed on-premise or in public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition, it allows companies to choose between enabling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to their remote employees or giving them a corporate device, since it is compatible with any device, including zero and thin clients.

Below is the agenda of the webinar:

  • How to get the best user experience for your remote workforce with graphics-intensive VDI & vAp

  • UDS Enterprise integration with PCoIP: the perfect match to overcome telecommuting challenges

  • Demo: how to configure & access PCoIP from UDS Enterprise

  • Special promo & demo platform

  • Q&A

All attendees to this webinar will be able to request access to a online demo platform to check the real user experience they will get with the VDI and vApp connection broker UDS Enterprise and the connection protocol PCoIP. In addition, they will enjoy up to 50% discount on Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses.

To join this live online session next March 25 at 16:00 CET register here.



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